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Quote (GaryGaulin @ Nov. 13 2012,11:48)
Quote (oldmanintheskydidntdoit @ Nov. 13 2012,11:09)
How old is the earth Gary?

Creator has forever. No sense rushing a good thing. And time is different for something as giant as the universe, day becomes millions or more years our time.

It is here most likely the earth was here for billions of years, as radiometric dating indicates. It is though to this theory just a date that does not change the theory or its model, so it's a little bit irrelevant. But I do mention intelligent living things likely having been here for several billion years, so that the time scale used for all else in between is what is already used in science.

Have you met JoeG?

He thinks termites are intelligent.

You do not have a hypothesis.  You have a statement of belief.  Here, let me help.  This is a correct hypothesis.

If organisms are intelligently designed, then we should see X when observing Y.  However, if organisms were not intelligently designed, then we will not see X when observing Y.

What is X and Y Gary?

I note that this 'hypothesis' is the exact same 'hypothesis' as all of Intelligent Design uses and hasn't been updated.  I'll also point out that this version of the 'hypothesis' has been around since mid 1987.

And, shockingly, no one has ever bothered to even try and test part of it.

Tell me, Gary, in two sentences, what would be a test for this hypothesis and why?

Ignored by those who can't provide evidence for their claims.

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