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Quote (The whole truth @ Nov. 13 2012,08:42)
Quote (GaryGaulin @ Nov. 12 2012,10:58)
Quote (oldmanintheskydidntdoit @ Nov. 12 2012,12:18)
Again, the model of evolution works. It produces things that did not exist before.

What does your model do?

What it can do is model multiple levels of fractal similar emergent intelligences which combine/combined to form multicellular living such as ourselves. And I know for a fact that your "model of evolution" does not model that, that's for sure. Does not even have a model in it to qualify something as intelligent, therefore the best you get are fuzzy generalizations that evolution is intelligent with the rest left up to the imagination.

Huh? Maybe I'm misunderstanding you but are you saying that scientists claim that evolution is intelligent (i.e. an intelligent process)?

I think it's fair to say that many or all evolutionary scientists would agree that intelligence (as humans variably define it) has come about via evolution but I don't think that many or all would agree that evolution IS intelligent (an intelligent process).

I'm curious as to what others here think about that.

Creationists use 'Intelligence' as a dog whistle for God.

It's the brain in a jar model.

I agree with you though.

The word to me is synonymous with understanding.

The bible thumpers equate evolution in nature to be something in their minds to a blind and unthinking process that exists without guidance from their omnipotent and therefore super 'intelligent' father in the heavens. To support their mythology they require an artificial external reasoning or intelligence. In any case it is un-necessary, logically flawed and completely without any shred of supporting evidence.

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