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Quote (JohnW @ Nov. 02 2012,16:42)
Quote (Freddie @ Nov. 02 2012,16:19)
Quote (JohnW @ Nov. 02 2012,18:11)
Quote (Freddie @ Nov. 02 2012,16:08)
Gary - I know of someone who is a leading light in the ID movement.  I have contacted him and he will be more than pleased to help you construct your theory and arguments more clearly, using many carefully structured paragraphs and stock phrases, and using indentations, PSs, colours, parentheses and PSs as well as copious PSs appropriately.

If you can travel tomorrow I have taken the liberty of buying you a business class ticket in advance ... just print and take this to the check-in counter for validation.

PS. Due to recent circumstances you might have to divert to the nearest island and take the Ferry over but, trust me, it will be safer.  If the worst does happen then at least you can rest safe in the sure knowledge that someone will be at hand to report on the crisis (minute by minute, with photographs).

You're a sick, evil bastard, Freddie.  I like you.

And I like you too, JohnW!

What's really sick is that this is the best thing I have to do on a Friday night - I have to get out more.

I would pay good money to see Gary Gaulin fight Gordon E. Mullings of Manjack Heights.

I'd like to see a Grand Unification of this theory with Booby Byers' "death by Satan, car crashes and the planet leaving its orbit" findings.  At last, a research program for ID...

You gotta get whatsisname's "invisible holograms" in there, too. An ID mashup, as it were.

"[A] book said there were 5 trillion witnesses. Who am I supposed to believe, 5 trillion witnesses or you? That shit's, like, ironclad. " -- stevestory

"Wow, you must be retarded. I said that CO2 does not trap heat. If it did then it would not cool down at night."  Joe G

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