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Quote (GaryGaulin @ Nov. 02 2012,13:16)
Oh and just add a comma after "more" if you want:

In my experience the belief that a rabbit found in the Cambrian would falsify Darwinian theory is actually absurd since even where confirmed by finding more, Evolutionary Algorithms would still "evolve" and scientifically lead to articles and papers galore explaining the new found evidence for an alien pet bunny.

That's certainly better, but still leaves me at a loss. Evolutionary algorithms don't have anything to do with explaining rabbits in the Cambrian strata. That's a nitpick I guess given your overall point, so I'll go back to my syntax issue. What does, "even where confirmed by finding more" mean? Do you mean, that if we found one lone rabbit such a find would simply be taken as a mistake, but finding many rabbits (thus confirming the first find) would not be seen as a mistake? Just curious.

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