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Henry J

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(Permalink) Posted: Nov. 22 2012,18:13   

The odds that ANY two atoms in the universe interacting are 100%.

Especially hydrogen - that stuff is all over the place! H2O, NH3, CH4, C2H5OH, etc.

(Well, perhaps aside from inside the remains of a yellow dwarf after it's used up all its fuel. I'm sure there's a name for a star at that stage, but not sure what it is. Black dwarf, maybe? )


I have it on good authority* that there is no reliable instrument to detect design:

Why would that need authority, good or otherwise, anyway? It's common sense that identification of designs is done by comparing an object to other objects known to have been constructed by somebody.

(Or is "common sense" an oxymoron?)


If you shuffle a standard 52-card deck and deal out all the cards face-up, you'll get one of the (52! =) roughly 6*10<sup>68</sup> possible 52-card sequences, so the odds of your having gotten the particular card-sequence you actually did get, is 1:(6*10<sup>68</sup>).

Ah, but if God doesn't play dice, then maybe She doesn't play cards, either!!!111!!!eleven!!!!


And yet, atoms somehow do manage to "bond" anyway. So?

Especially when shaken and not stirred.


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