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Quote (Kattarina98 @ Nov. 21 2012,07:13)
I have it on good authority* that there is no reliable instrument to detect design:          
The filter was never designed to detect any and all cases of design (it is not a universal decoder algorithm, and we have good reason to believe such are not feasible), just those that are unequivocal per tested and reliable signs.

*Spoiler: It's KF

Edit: Typo

Hmm, let's see, there's no feasible, universal decoder algorithm (test) "to detect any and all cases of design" yet somehow design has been tested via "reliable signs"? How was/is design tested if there's no feasible, universal test? (my bold)

The only intentional design that is unequivocal per tested and reliable signs is design that has been done by known, real, living things such as spiders, bees, beavers, birds, and people. No one has ever tested or shown that any designer-god-sky-daddy has designed anything.

gordo -the messiah wannabe- mullings is just pushing the same old, lame old 'it looks designed to me so it must be designed by my sky-daddy' crap, because he is desperately trying to convince himself and others that his imaginary sky daddy isn't imaginary, and by admitting that there's no feasible, universal decoder algorithm (test) to detect sky-daddy-design he's also admitting that the so-called 'ID inference' doesn't have a scientific leg to stand on and never will. sky-daddy-design 'detection' by IDiots is strictly an assertion of their thoroughly biased opinion based on their fairy tale religious beliefs.

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