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Quote (Jerry Don Bauer @ Nov. 20 2012,13:04)
Quote (fnxtr @ Nov. 20 2012,13:41)
6×10^9 base pairs/diploid genome x 1 byte/4 base pairs = 1.5×10^9 bytes or 1.5 Gigabytes, about 2 CDs worth of space!

Ok, so...  those long stretches of repeats, those all count as individual bits, right?

What's the CSI of one gram of table salt?

You know, if you measured the chances of each particular phosphorus atom ending up in my DNA, you'd get a way bigger number, why not use that instead? Or the chances of my parents meeting?

There is NO specificity in a gram of table guys are just lost.....*grin*

CSI: Complex and specified information that when the odds for its existence are calculated and those odds exceed the UPB (upper probability boundary), could not occur by chance.

Then it should be easy for you to show that one gram of salt does not meet this criterion.

To show that, you must know the concentration of the original chemicals, ambient temperature, energy of reaction, dilution, and so on.

Clearly, not a realistic expectation.

Then you have to know the same conditions for whatever it is that you claim has CSI.

Again, clearly not a realistic expectation.

So we're back to "Wow, that sure looks complicated, must be designed."

"But it's disturbing to think someone actually thinks creationism -- having put it's hand on the hot stove every day for the last 400 years -- will get a different result tomorrow." -- midwifetoad

"I am in a rush to catch up with science work." -- Gary Gaulin

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