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Jerry Don Bauer

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Quote (Robin @ Nov. 20 2012,12:09)
Quote (Jerry Don Bauer @ Nov. 20 2012,11:28)

Quote (Jerry Don Bauer @ Nov. 20 2012,11:07)
I just walked you through the analogy of the archer along with how specificity is can you guys not grasp that?

The archer analogy is terrible! Why? Because it's erroneous. First, the archer analogy doesn't even offer a scenario in which intelligence is required, so it fails outright. But even as a rebuttal to evolution it's inane because it relies on the fallacy of large numbers and the failure to take "genetic memory" (heredity) into account. The fact is, successful biological compounds are remembered; the archer's successful hits are not. Bottom line, your concept thus far makes no sense because too much of it is erroneous.

What is it you wish me to do, I've defined it precisely and showed the thread in very simplistic terms how to use it and what people do with it....It's a very simple concept using high school mathematics (or lower).

You may think you've defined it precisely, but you are wholly mistaken on that count. Your analogies are fallacious and do not in fact reflect reality. To make matters worse, you've yet to provide any substantiation for the base claims - that you can actually calculate CSI. Thus far, I can only conclude that this "CSI" has no value to anything, never mind just science.

Well, at least you are responding with intelligence and civility........

1) The archer scenario shows the specificity of the information of arrows hitting a target. It was the FIRST analogy used, to my knowledge, to show the initiator's intentions when he proposed the concept of CSI.

Forget the complexity factor in the term....that's what you people seem hung up on...the way you are viewing complexity in the term: complex specified information is just muddling your understanding of the entire concept because it is the specificity that is calculated.

And can you get off the "rebuttle to evolution", genetic memory, biological compounds, the fact that some seem to think I'm calculating the return of Jesus or maybe that Moses wore sideburns? LOL...I never even mentioned any of that..I'm just attempting to get you guys to understand what the heck you are talking about on the basal level. Then maybe we can expand on it.

I also wonder what you are discussing in the other threads when you throw around these big words...I would wager you don't know what any of the other terms mean either.

As to your accusation that that I'm just throwing out meaningless data...I gave you actual calculations...where are all those mathematicians that were crowding that guy in another post....LOL...I calculated CSI in an organism. To attempt to pretend I didn't is simply intellectual dishonesty although I will withhold judgement on the latter for another time..

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