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(Permalink) Posted: Nov. 20 2012,12:08   

Quote (Southstar @ Nov. 20 2012,09:47)
Quote (Jerry Don Bauer @ Nov. 20 2012,11:28)
I just walked you through the analogy of the archer along with how specificity is can you guys not grasp that?

In fact, it's just a take off of the same analogy the inventor of the term CSI used....

But on that, I didn't receive a single comment..LOL....

What is it you wish me to do, I've defined it precisely and showed the thread in very simplistic terms how to use it and what people do with it....It's a very simple concept using high school mathematics (or lower).

The analogy is NOT correct...

You need to multiply the number of archers, define the time per shot, set a total time available, allow for partial "close shots" that summed up give a hit (so as to allow for cumulative aggregation of the acids)

So specificity is (AI)*(FLW). *

Got it. Thanks.

* Argument from incredulity multiplied by the lottery winner fallacy.

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