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Quote (Jerry Don Bauer @ Nov. 20 2012,11:07)
Thus far I have not received a single post that shows an understanding of the specificity in complex specified information.

If you don't grasp what the term means in its most simplistic usage, there will be way to discuss the subject intelligently.

Where is the specificity in a random number, or a random sequence of nucleotides or the random order of a deck of cards?

Almost every post I have received thus far shows no understanding of the concept to a level that can even be addressed intelligently.

Are there ANY on here who have ever actually studied the concept and rejected it out of science, math and logic rather than just poo-poo it because it makes them insecure in their religious beliefs?

I hope I haven't entered a cult hang-out here...*wink*

Funny, all I see is someone who makes lots of claims, yet can't actually do the things he claims.  

I see someone who has had numerous logical, mathematical, and content errors pointed out to them.  I see that person refusing to even acknowledge those errors, much less try to understand and correct them.

I see someone who very well may understand CSI, but cannot explain the concept clearly and then blames others for his inability to teach.

Guess what, Jerry.  They are all you.

I predict a flounce pretty soon...

Ignored by those who can't provide evidence for their claims.

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