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Henry J

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(Permalink) Posted: Nov. 19 2012,21:41   

When did I define CSI as something that cannot evolve? Are you not aware of drug resistance in the mutation and hence evolution of certain organisms? Those organisms are certainly CSI.

You defined it this way:

CSI: Complex and specified information that when the odds for its existence are calculated and those odds exceed the UPB (upper probability boundary), could not occur by chance.

The stuff in that sentence was designed to say "it can't have evolved" without saying it in those words.

The phrase "odds for its existence" could mean either the odds for this exact result, or the odds for any result that we might call "alive". The problem with that is that calculations of odds can only be made for particular results, but the more general case is the one you're trying to say is improbable to the point of impossibility.


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