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Quote (fnxtr @ Nov. 19 2012,16:55)
... and most organisms have had a billion years or so of evolution -- oh, sorry, changes in allele frequency -- to develop this complexity. (headdesk headdesk headdesk).

Which brings us right back to the point that whatshisface has already admitted to

*****Besides, recent experimental evidence shows that the formation of long chain amino acids is relatively easy.  Randomly forming a specific human (for example) protein is vastly improbable.  However, only creationists require that all proteins assemble from random amino acids.  It's a strawman argument.*****

Recent? I've known that since I was a kid.

So, he admits that his entire concept here is completely made up.  Of course, I'd be really curious as to "when I as a kid" means.

eta: Let me explain further.

If you KNOW that amino acids can self assemble, then you have just admitted that non-intelligence can form complex systems that are capable of catalytic functions (which they were not before).  This is a massive increase in "complexity" however you would like to define it.  

It is up to your and yours to show that intelligence is involved.  Since there have been many experiments that show that amino acids can self assemble, please grab one or two of those experiments and who us exactly where the intelligence appeared, what tools it used to manipulate the amino acids into a form that was capable of a catalytic function, and why the researchers doing the experiment missed it, but you managed to catch it.

If you cannot do this, then there is no evidence that intelligence is required.

Two points:
1) Stating "non-intelligence can't do it" is not evidence
2) Yes, human designers designed an experiment to have amino acids self assemble.  If you can't understand why this is not an objection to these experiments, then I will explain it to you and you will be forever ignored as someone who doesn't understand the most basic (i.e. 5th grade) concepts of the scientific process.

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Ignored by those who can't provide evidence for their claims.

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