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Jerry Don Bauer

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Quote (Henry J @ Nov. 19 2012,13:10)
But I am not one of those claiming that CSI has been defined, so I'm not the one who needs to supply a definition.

If it had a definition, you could have supplied it just now, but you didn't.

Keep in mind that it wouldn't work to define CSI simply as something that can't evolve, because that would produce a circular argument.

Perhaps I didn't define it formally for you because I was making chat in an informal conversation. But I'll be glad to:

CSI: Complex and specified information that when the odds for its existence are calculated and those odds exceed the UPB (upper probability boundary), could not occur by chance.

There you go and it's that simple.

Borel calculated, chemically speaking, that in order for a chemical reaction to occur, the reactants had to have both chemical ability to react and be within close enough proximity in the universe to do so.

Should the odds of those two things occuring be greater than 1 in 10^50 against occurance, that reaction could never happen no matter how much time is given for it to occur.

Borel's UPB was 10^50 -- Dembski thought it should be higher and mused that 10^150 should be the UPB....That seems to be well accepted today in modern ID, certainly by me.

So, we can take this into bits if you wish which usually seems easier to understand in these conversations:

If the information contains over 500 bits of information and that information is ain't gonna happen in nature without a designer....*wink*

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