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Erasmus, FCD

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(Permalink) Posted: Oct. 02 2012,09:11   

Quote (Lou FCD @ Oct. 01 2012,17:38)

fair enough it wasn't very clear anyway LOL

but thinking about how you answer "are theistic evolutionists* creationists?" might explain how one might view the de-tard spectrum differently than another.

I don't really know many "theistic evolutionists" but I do know a few.  I don't understand religious beliefs so I can't be sure about any of it but I think I understand why the fundies view it as some kinda hippy dippy noo age bullshite

but that just says more about how well I know what fundie tards think than it does about theistic evilutionists

*i know there is no meaningful answer to this so i am not looking to fap about it

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