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Quote (Erasmus, FCD @ Oct. 01 2012,13:25)
What I have found immensely enjoyable, of late, is that T.A.R.D. also describes the fake climate skeptics. áAnd they behave the same was as the other creationists. á

Many of them are the other creationists.

It's crank magnetism: if you can't understand and/or bring political/cultural filters to one area of science, you'll you'll do it others.  Look how many outbreaks of UFO/Turin Shroud/altmed/... nonsense we see on UD.

Tard comes in clusters.

Math is just a language of reality. Its a waste of time to know it. - Robert Byers

There isn't any probability that the letter d is in the word "mathematics"...  The correct answer would be "not even 0" - JoeG

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