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Erasmus, FCD

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Quote (Lou FCD @ Oct. 01 2012,15:19)
Quote (keiths @ Sep. 30 2012,20:26)
Which raises another interesting question: How many ex-tards relapse?

My gut says, "All of them. Temporarily."

It also says, "Once you realize it's bullshit, you can never go home."

LOL well i was trying to avoid the generalization "tard= religious beliefs" for lots of reasons

but of course there are many places where religious beliefs intersects tard, and although I don't have religious beliefs I don't think I'll go so far to label all religious beliefs "tard".  

Most tard seems to be an intersection of religious beliefs, theories of identity and cultural inertia.  Also pathological psychoses

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You're obviously illiterate as hell. Peach, bro.-FtK

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