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Quote (Erasmus @ FCD,Sep. 29 2012,08:40)
Quote (Cubist @ Sep. 29 2012,06:03)
…in the absence of hard data, we should tentatively accept the null hypothesis—which is, in this case, that internet de-tardification does help people overcome their former tard-y state.

The question I have been hoping to answer is "Does de-tarding happen because of internetting tards".

There is a certain amount of ambiguity in the phrase "because of". If you're asking whether de-tardification ever happens solely and entirely as a result of internet de-tard activity—that is, whether or not de-tardification happens because of internet de-tard and only internet de-tard—the answer is almost certainly "of course not". But if that's what you're asking, is there anything which de-tarding can rightly be said to occur "because of"?
If, on the other hand, you're asking whether internet de-tard activity is a contributing factor to de-tardification, I honestly don't see how the answer can be anything but "of course it is". To be sure, this doesn't address the question of how effective internet de-tard is, nor the question of how effective internet de-tard might be by comparison with other techniques. But since there are genuine examples of ex-tards who credit internet de-tard activity as having helped them along on their journey away from the Tard Side, the efficacy of internet de-tard activity must be greater than zero.

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