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It's all well and good to question the effectiveness (or lack thereof) of particular modes of de-tardification, but let's not lose sight of one very important fact:
De-tardification does happen.
We can argue over how frequently it occurs, whether de-tardification occurs often enough to overcome the recruitment efforts of existing tards, and a host of other questions… but given the known and cited instances, we can't argue that de-tardification does, in fact, happen. And since it does happen, it's fair to ask how does it happen? There are fat-and-happy tard who stay fat-and-happy tards, and there are fat-and-happy tards who break free of the tard; what makes the difference between them?
Looking at the personal testimonies of people who have successfully broken free of the tard, there's one factor which is common to most (if not all) of these stories: The person was exposed to the truth, and they found that they couldn't stand the conflict between the truth they were exposed to and the Truth they had been brainwashed into believing. And what does internet de-tardification consist of?
Exposing people to the truth.
So it seems to me that in the absence of hard data, we should tentatively accept the null hypothesis—which is, in this case, that internet de-tardification does help people overcome their former tard-y state. Whether or not this is a good thing, well, I think it is, but that's one of those questions that can be argued.

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