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Quote (midwifetoad @ Sep. 28 2012,04:22)
One question I find myself asking is whether there is anyone in the creationist/ID camp who can write an accurate, coherent description of evolution as understood by biologists. I haven't seen one.

By contrast, Darwin rather consistently put forth the strongest opposition case before beginning his argument. This is simply an indication of confidence and personal character.

The day I see an ID advocate begin his presentation  by forcefully presenting the case for evolution is the day I begin to worry.

I think that while that's possible on paper, on the ground it's just never going to happen. In order to be able to forcefully present the case for evolution, one almost has to understand the nature and value of evidence, and one who understands the nature and value of evidence is going to see right through the tard.

The only way I see your scenario happening is in the case of a flat-out con man, milking the rubes a la "Buy my book". Behe may fall into this category, but he's never going to go down your road for fear of losing customers. So again, possible on paper, but ain't gonna happen.

And to be clear, the reverse is not necessarily true. The "Buy my book" con does not necessarily entail the understanding of the nature and value of evidence, or of evolution. I'd put Dembski in this category. He knows he's peddling bullshit, but he's never impressed me as someone who understands the meaning of evidence. Anything is evidence if enough people say it's evidence. Someday, IDC will be REAL SCIENCETM!

But the con may not even imply seeing through the tard.

O'Leary is an interesting case. She's conning the hell out of the rubes, but I don't think she sees through the tard, either. It's not so much that she believes it all, it's more that she just doesn't fucking care. She parrots, she sells books. In the end, Jesus is happy and her pocketbook is full. Good enough. Who cares about understanding the arguments, right?

Or this whole post of mine could be so much pre-coffee, faux-intellectual, pseudo-philosophic wankery, a bit of self-indulgent entertainment to stir the brain cells from slumber before I head to Fort Fisher to chase some Melanerpes erythrocephalus with a Canon at dawn.

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