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Quote (midwifetoad @ Sep. 28 2012,03:22)
One question I find myself asking is whether there is anyone in the creationist/ID camp who can write an accurate, coherent description of evolution as understood by biologists. I haven't seen one.

By contrast, Darwin rather consistently put forth the strongest opposition case before beginning his argument. This is simply an indication of confidence and personal character.

The day I see an ID advocate begin his presentation  by forcefully presenting the case for evolution is the day I begin to worry.

That's also one of my "problems". Creationists insist on criticizing and rejecting something they don't understand and knows extremely little about. And when they think they know, most of the time they are wrong.

They won't educate themselves in the subject. I think they find the subject frightening; it might have consequences they are not ready to face. For some, like what it would do to them, $$$-wise.

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