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Glen Davidson

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I think that a meaningful success of detarding, or at least in disillusioning, the more science-type Christians who once had hopes for ID, has occurred.  And that has been important in isolating ID into a few pockets of yes-men here and there.  Here's this from Darrell Falk (Biologos, in case anyone doesn't know):


There are few things that we would like more than this. Johnnyb is right. We are almost on the same page in so many respects. Many of the leaders in evolutionary creation have been tangentially associated with the ID movement. Bill Dembksi asked me to be an ISCID Fellow and I accepted almost 10 years ago. About 4 years ago, I asked to have my name removed.

I recently attended a meeting with a small group of leaders of the TE/EC perspective. Someone asked for a show of hands of those who attended the “Mere Christianity” conference in 1996 at Biola. Several raised their hands.

So why did we become disillusioned? That’s the question I’ll leave unanswered right now. However, my prayer would be that John 17 will yet become a reality given that we have so much in common.


I recall Dembski posting--I believe it was on UD--once about someone he met up with after a while of not seeing him(?) who admitted that he'd tired of ID, because of a lack of any real research prospects coming from it (from sketchy memory, understand).  Dembski even seemed to ask some right questions in that post, before yet again ignoring the fact that ID has never been and never will be science.

Pointing out ID's failures has to have helped to disillusion thinking people re ID, but again I have no idea what role web criticisms have had, let alone comments on the various fora.  You'd like to think that people could see through pseudoscience without much trouble, yet it's not clear that they would, and I rather suspect that at least the more scholarly criticisms of ID on the net and elsewhere must have helped.  It's always hard, of course, to disentangle the myriad factors leading to outright detardation, or even to mere disillusionment after a period of hope.

Glen Davidson


Nothing in biology makes sense except in the light of coincidence---ID philosophy

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