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Quote (Erasmus @ FCD,Sep. 27 2012,15:25)
but this is the internet.  shouldn't we see some anon de-tarding, since the stigma is more or less removed when you are anon?  

Think of all the creationists who have left here, vanquished, leaking from the puncture wounds of dozens of teeth.  None of them ever said "Golly gee you assholes are right about a few things thanks for straightening me out"

I'll repeat my two points:  1) detardation is almost always a gradual process, and 2) there is rarely a single, isolated cause.

#1 means that you won't see detardation in the immediate aftermath of an Internet discussion, even if that discussion had a detardative impact.  (Plus the fact that even pseudonymous commenters are loathe to admit error.)

#2 means that you'll rarely find ex-tards identifying a single reason for their detardation.  In my case, I credit conversations with friends (including the Mormon I mentioned earlier), voracious reading, and just plain thinking about the issues.  They all contributed.  

You typically hear people say things like "I just came to realize over time that my position didn't hold up to scrutiny."  What they don't say is "On September 27th at UD, Erasmus FCD defeated my last argument in favor of intelligent design and I became a Darwinist."  That doesn't mean that your argument didn't have an impact.

I think a well-presented argument on the Internet can be just as effective, and sometimes even more effective, than the same argument in a book.  More effective because: a) Some tards will never pick up the book, so if they don't see the argument online, they'll never see it; b) When they're reading a book, they can come up with a bogus counterargument, and there's no one to push back; online, there is give-and-take; and c) an argument is more persuasive when you see that neither you nor your friends and allies are able to poke holes in it.

Let me stress yet again that I think Internet debates are primarily for fun.  I just think that if we're going to all the trouble of debating in the first place, we might as well do it well and with some care.  It might just help somebody.

A tard is a terrible thing to waste.

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