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Erasmus, FCD

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(Permalink) Posted: Sep. 27 2012,17:25   

well, what got me thinking about this was the near total absence of de-tarding events in the blog cloud associated with PT, TO, ATBC, UD, TT, etc etc

That, and Joe Felsenstein and Mark Frank smelling each other's queefs at TSZ like there are genuine criticisms at UD when we all know that it's a hick backwater of the internet known for authoritarian dramas and windowdressing tranmaws and dead psuedoscientific theories

many of you have provide reasons why 1) we might consider de-tarding to be "good" or desirable (because the truth is better than a lie, de-tarded people might behave in ways we value) or 2)  internetting tards is a good thing for you (makes you sharp, you've learned a lot, it's more fun than beating puppies simply for enjoying the sense of power, etc.).

but that's not what i am looking for.  i agree, in principle, that internetting tards should yield de-tarding and that there are many reasons that de-tarding events might yield favorable social outcomes....

but DO THEY?

We don't see de-tarding.  Why?  midwifetoad has a plausible explanation above here, that de-tarding might be cloaked (not reported)  or stifled (flowers but doesn't fruit) due to social stigma.

but this is the internet.  shouldn't we see some anon de-tarding, since the stigma is more or less removed when you are anon?  

Think of all the creationists who have left here, vanquished, leaking from the puncture wounds of dozens of teeth.  None of them ever said "Golly gee you assholes are right about a few things thanks for straightening me out"

None that I know of.

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You're obviously illiterate as hell. Peach, bro.-FtK

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