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I think you are all ignoring the role played by family and friends.

We are, for the most part, not isolated  and independent thinkers. We live in families and communities, and we tend to be careful about expressing thoughts that are antithetical to the community's. I hate drawing political parallels, but many types of communities promote an Us vs Them mindset. Political parties, unions, churches, sports teams. I think of the governing principle as tribalism.

For a creationist to question faith means apostasy and excommunication. Possibly the loss of family and friends. It is not simply an intellectual exercise like understanding calculus or electronics.

This is why creationists can become competent engineers and technicians. These activities can be compartmentalized. They are not threatening unless they conflict with tribal demands.

This is why many Catholics can accept common descent, old earth, and most of evolution. Because after a long history of conflict with science, the Catholic church has become somewhat careful about disagreeing with well established findings. The tribal norms do not demand science denial.

I suspect this tribal phenomenon is why some atheists become evangelical atheists. The pain of separation from family or friends promotes a sense that the abandoned faith is not merely wrong, but evil. I never experienced that separation, and my lack of religion is not accompanied by strong emotions.

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Any version of ID consistent with all the evidence is indistinguishable from evolution.

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