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Quote (Erasmus @ FCD,Sep. 26 2012,11:36)
Just because you value logic and evidence now, post-de-tard, doesn't imply that this why you de-tarded.

I think you're misunderestimating the power of logic and evidence. †People do sometimes change their minds for no reason other than "old belief doesn't make sense; new one does".

In my case, one of the things that got the ball rolling was arguing religion with a Mormon friend. †I would come up with these knockdown arguments against Mormonism, †only to realize that the same arguments were fatal to my own evangelical faith.

Add thirty years or so, and here I am in the fever swamp with the rest of you crocodiles.

And the set of natural numbers is also the set that starts at 0 and goes to the largest number. †-- Joe G

Please stop putting words into my mouth that donít belong there and thoughts into my mind that donít belong there. -- KF

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