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I'll say that I de-tarded slowly, in the early '90s, before there was much of a public internet presence. It definitely began before I was surfing the web.

After having been tossed out of BlowJobU, I spent some time with my mom, who I hadn't seen but once since I was 5. That meant running into my Uncle Bob, a loud and rather strident atheist and anti-theist. I didn't listen much to what he said at the time, but my BJU experience was festering, and our really passionate arguments were not helpful to my faith. It was probably years later, once I was no longer calling myself a Christian (probably still a theist of the vaguest sort though) maybe, when some of the things he said began to sink in. I'm old and didn't keep a play-by-play journal, sadly.

But all that said, it was bumping into the BadAstronomy website (which led in turn to the discovery of the Panda's Thumb just about when the Dover trial started) that got me sorted out on critical thinking, science, religious belief, etc. And knowing how way leads on to way, here I am, sighing ages and ages hence, as it were.

Did I de-tard online? Hmmm.. probably not so much. In that sense, I'd say that my experience is a data point in 'Ras' favor. But online discussions certainly catalyzed the last bit of the reaction.

Edited to reverse the order of the last two sentences for the sake of clarity.

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