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Dear dairy,

Being a good Christian man I've volunteered to teach basic math after Sunday school so I can tell everyone what a good Christian I am.

Boy do they teach some zingers these days.

First question : what is 6 +3 ?

Well, there may be 10^4 6s in the observable universe, but what are the odds that some have 3s by chance? There are 7/1 Wednesdays per week cycle, to the power of Greyskull, a cosmic needle in a haystack, if that's what it is see Plato's cave. ermmm... entropy increases... uh... minus log 2 or something...Duppy goes boo... and...

6 + 3 = Jesus!

Miss Shannon, the teacher then had the nerve to try and correct me!:

MS: can you tell the class the answer?
KF: Jesus.
MS: LOL. No, really.
KF: Jesus, REALLY.
MS: It's 9.
KF:No it isn't
MS: Yes it is. look at it another way, what's 9-3?
KF: typical turnabout strategy that is so telling. Must do better.

MS then lines up 3 buttons with 6 more, and counts to 9.

MS: See, it's 9.
KF: only if you're trapped by your materialist ideology.
MS: What do you think it is, then?
KF: Pseudo 9.
MS: It's 9.
KF: Pseudo-quasi 9?

She then physically threw me out, but not before I told her women have no place in church and should not tell a man what to do anyways.


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