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Dear Diary.
It was a slow day at the race track today beetlebaum brought up the rear as usual and Joe rang me asking for a reference for his dentist. Since when do white guys need a reference for a dentist? Never mind, that prick Nick frikking Matski not content single handedly eviscerating ID at Dover is adhomingherring my oily blog and I'm not happy. I will be using the final solution for that Jew, censorship then gas.Fuck him.
F/N He will blame Hitler of course, they always do.
Pppppps. I think I'll visit Magenta tomorrow she was saying it has been a slow week too. God she could suck the  gilt off of a gold crusifix.

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"ID is deader than Lenny Flanks granmaws dildo batteries" Erasmus
"I'm busy studying scientist level science papers" Galloping Gary Gaulin

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