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Dear Diary,

Today has been brilliant.

The Governor had his secretary call me and asked me to see him when he returns from a very important visit to someplace she couldn't say. She said about six to eight weeks. Funny his term is up about then, but never mind I feel I'm on a winner.

That gave me the impetus to turn in fine form on MY blog this morning giving those mainlanders the full force of adhomenim from my tricycle.

To celebrate I went to the markets this afternoon and got myself a nice bit of smoked herring in oil, a lovely ruby color, and just as I was cooking it up my wife called me to into the scullery where we keep the TV and showed me a new show. It's called Big Love and it's all about the Mormons. She said Mitt Romney is on it and the lead actor just looks like him but I think Mitt looks older.

Anyway she said Tuesday was having an affair with her husband on Thursday and Thursday not to mention Wednesday and Friday were a bit pissed.

Women are funny because I said I don't know how a guy his age could do Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday and Friday and still keep the rest of the week happy without assistance and she said Why don't you talk to the chief of Police! and stormed out.



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