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I had the dream again.  

I was standing brave-heartedly before the assembled hordes of marauding scotchmen delivering my inspirational words to spur them in the battle against the hated sassynaks. I had asked the hordes if they'd had their tea and they had replied in the negative, "No Bydand No". So I told them how one of the sassynaks had made a vicious remark about my Sporran and another had made an oil-soaked homo ad remark about my man-skirt being a kilt of some kind. I told them that they could expect a sound thrashing from mr Leathers as soon as I regained consciousness and then they just laughed some more (the sassynaks not the assembled hordes). Unfortunately at this point I may have soiled my under-under-underpants and before you say it, there's nay rule which says a find upstanding scotchish lard kanney weir three pairs of underpants beneath his outer-underpant.

edit: typos and declarificiation.
edit also: braveheart.

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