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Quote (sparc @ Sep. 12 2012,21:33)
Quote (k.e.. @ Sep. 12 2012,08:27)
Quote (The whole truth @ Sep. 12 2012,11:06)
I've done a little research and found a list of the personnel and their titles at the Kairos Focus Institute (aka Kyrospastics R us):

1. President and COO: gordon e mullings
2. Vice president: gordon e mullings
3. Secretary: gordon e mullings
4. Treasurer: gordon e mullings
5. Janitor: gordon e mullings
6. Telemarketer: gordon e mullings
7. Strawman erector/attacker: gordon e mullings
8: Red herring producer: gordon e mullings
9: Ad hominem oiler: gordon e mullings
10: Distractor: gordon e mullings
11: Reality denier: gordon e mullings
12: History distorter: gordon e mullings
13: Plato brandisher: gordon e mullings
14: Spittle spewer: gordon e mullings
15: Executive in charge of verbosity, confusion, and evasion: gordon e mullings
16: Chief Darwin and science hater: gordon e mullings
17: IDiot: gordon e mullings
18: Specialist in sanctimonious, evangelical, fundamentalist, dominionist, creationist, biblical inerrantist god zombie-ism: gordon e mullings
19: Operations manager in charge of cowardice, blustering, bullshitting, lies, delusions, fake crises, and wanking : gordon e mullings
20: Prudeness and self-importance administrator: gordon e mullings

ETA: This list is partial.

You forgot unctuous malthusian psychophant.

Did he give up his position as the world's leading Lewontin exeget lately?

Wot? Is KF against automated tomatoe picking?

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