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Thursday, September the 11th.

Things are heating up at the Kairos Focus Institute. I was working on strategic budgeting with the treasurer (who is also me) when my neighbour Milton shouted "Gordon, mon, whatchadoin in your garden shed on a looooovely day like this, ya daft bugger?"

NUCLEAR TRIPWIRE. My initial reaction was to reach for Mister Leathers and dish out some biblical correction, but my logical mind quickly ran the numbers*

1 ==> Mister Leathers was unfortunately hung over the fireplace indoors where the whole family can see him and so keep their thoughts pure

2==> Milton is very athletic and outweighs me be about 60 lbs. His handsome frame just ripples with taught, lean muscle and I'm sure he is *very* capable.

3==> For some reason I'd developed an erection thinking about [2==>] which I did not want Milton to see.

By the time the swelling had subsided (unassisted!) Milton was long gone but I'm making a note here in case St Peter or Jesus (or Santa) wants a memorialized account of his wrong doings in the future.

I should really look into soundproofing the KiarosFocus institute:

I'll form a committee once these current constitutional crises have passed.

Okay I'm off around town to spread the word, Koooool-style, using youth outreach. I'm We're calling this initiative KF Youth Outreach Around We're going to touch some youngsters today. I put the fliers up yesterday so I'm hoping for a good reaction. Updates later.

*Run the numbers doesn't have to involve any math. We design theorists do this all the time.

P.S. I see constable Delroy taping on the window pointing to one of my fliers he's holding. I expect they want to recognize my efforts! Updates later.

GEM of TKI xxx

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