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Quote (BillB @ June 12 2012,07:36)
Yes, I seem to remember a report or study about how a more biblical approach to sex ed had led to more anal sex - as a way of avoiding breaking the pledge.

I mentioned this to my wife, who mumbled something about silly religious folk, the bible and not understanding the relevant passages...

Yes, I said - relevant passage is the operative word.


It took her quite a long time to stop laughing . ..

Ah, but the passages to happiness are many and varied.

The majority of the stupid is invincible and guaranteed for all time. The terror of their tyranny is alleviated by their lack of consistency. -A. Einstein  (H/T, JAD)
If evolution is true, you could not know that it's true because your brain is nothing but chemicals. ?Think about that. -K. Hovind

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