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Want to have some fun?

- Look at the full header, insert it into a header tool, I bet the IP tracks to Nigeria.

- Get a Google email account with a fake name (Google hides your IP, other providers don't).

- Use it to reply to Ms Kwok; she'll never note that she didn't contact you before, as she has mass mailed to thousands of addresses.

- Pretend you are interested, but have a question, next email one more questions, and another one ... spread over dozens of emails. Assure her that you are interested.

- When she wants your details including passport scan, first forget to deliver. Then deliver fake details. For the passport scan, send her a huge jpeg file containing a black square; don't send her the scan of a fake passport, she would use it to fool more gullible victims.

- When she begins to want fees, ask her advice how to raise money: Should you get a mortgage? Next email: Should you use the money you are saving for your kid's college? Next email: Should you ask your cancer ridden mom to forget about her medication and give the money to you?

Don't email her more than once a day - it's your fun, not hers.

Keep in mind that this is not a "she" but a lad in his late teens or early twenties who will pass you on to his boss for more elaborate treatment.

Aaahh, I love scam baiting!

For a glimpse of the fascinating world of scam baiting, go to

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Barry Arrington is a bitch.

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