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Quote (The whole truth @ May 23 2012,02:51)
Why does anyone give a shit about who marries who and what consenting adults do behind closed doors? All marriage really is anyway is a three party legal contract, between the two people getting married and the state. Legally restricting marriage to hetero couples won't make gay people stop being gay, just like Prohibition didn't make people stop drinking alcohol.  

And what's with that "God's law" bullshit? Fuck "God" and its so-called "law".

By the way, last time I looked, marriage was a "civil" matter and comes under the heading of "civil rights".

While I get what you're saying - and personally I could care less who gets married - I think you might be missing the actual issue here. Many religious people, particular conservative religious people, miss some imaginary bygone days when God was important and people followed the RULZTM and everyone was white, polite, and AMERICA meant something. While I'm being a bit silly, the underlying perception is quite real. I know what those folks wish for - it's an idealized version of the late 40s/early 50s America, except one where God is in the White House. Anything that the bible even hints at being evil - or can be interpreted as evil - does not exist in this fantasy world they dream of. God's minions roam the Earth actually seeking out and destroying evil hidden in the dark corners. In this world Men are the head of the household and women make the home a comfortable place for said men. That is the ONLY relationship system that exists in this world and "marriage" is the term for this system. This is the system set forth by God, mind you, so there is no such thing as any other configuration. The State is only involved in the Institution insofar as it enforces (on God's behalf of course) the rights of Men in this system as defined by the RULZTM.

And so on and so forth...

That's why they fight against gay marriage - they see it as yet more evidence that Satan is in control of the world and that He is working to destroy the world God ordained. No joke.

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