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Nor have I accused midwifetoad or you of being ignorant of the f-stop versus T-stop distinction (or how automation functions, for that matter). What I'm objecting to is what looks to me to be encouraging others who may not know it from even considering learning about it.

If this is truly your intent, rather than insulting someone who knows at least as much about photography as you, well ...

You're still wrong.

Modern digital photography combined with modern lenses combined with TTL exposure means you can, and should, ignore T-stop differences from F-stops.

With the 14-stop latitude modern digital cameras yield compared to the 7-stop latitude (more or less) offered by various printing technologies, you can just fucking forget 1/2 stop T-stop vs. F-stop differences, even if you meter externally.

And with modern digital cameras, internal metering is just fine.

Look, it was hard for me to trust my meter when I switched to digital and started to realize I could squeeze 14-stop latitude out of an exposure vs. the 5.5-stop or so out of chrome.

Because I realized I didn't have to be as anal about exposure as I was before (and look, I was *good* at it, selling chrome to magazines and book publishers world-wide as a side-line).

Kinda made me feel that those skills I learned were ... unimportant.

But underneath, I understood that the power of compositon, lighting, timing etc were what's really important, and if I don't need to agonize over Tech Pan's unforgiving shoulder ... that's a blessing.

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