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[QUOTE]Dhogaza, Speaking of paying attention, I explicitly stated that no one here had at any time denied the ability of an autoexposure system to do its job. Acting as though that were a live issue isn't productive.[/QUOTE>


If you are using TTL autoexposure, that will (mostly) work out

That little word "mostly" indicates that you *can't* depend on TTL to measure T-stop vs. F-stop.  You explicitly state that it can't always do its job regarding differentiating F-stop from T-stop.

"(mostly)" is semantically equivalent to "not always".

Which is bullshit.

Now one can argue whether or not in-camera exposure systems can be as accurate is external metering systems, but that was not your argument.  But what ever errors internal metering systems make, they are based on T-stops, not F-stops, and the difference does not contribute to the error.

We could, of course, talk about the very many external incident meters that were produced in the 1930s, 40s, 50s, 60s that were such crap that their crappness swamped any difference between F-stop and T-stop or film speed or whatever.

Continue to box yourself in, I'm enjoying this.

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