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Since modern cameras measure exposure based on the light coming out of the ass end of the lens into the camera box, the exposure is based on the T-stop, not the F-stop, so stop your arguing, please.  Yes, if you're using an external meter and if your lens' T-stop differs from the F-stop by an easily measureable amount and if you're shooting something like Velvia with 5-stop latitude you'll want to take this into consideration.  Shooting digital RAW with the 14 stop latitude typical of modern DSLRs (at least my canon ones) ... not so much.

One problem the movie industry faces when shooting film is that prints distributed to theaters are literally contact prints of the negative the movie's shot on.  Contact printing and bazillions of frames means there's no cost effective way to fix exposure errors, even minor ones, after the movie's shot.

The ability to manipulate the image in the darkroom while printing makes things flexible enough that still shooters have always been able to use F-stops.  Adams may've talked about T-stops in The Zone System, I don't remember, but if he did, the whole exposure/film developer selection+time/development/paper selection/manipulaton during printing/paper developer selection+time dwarfed it like godzilla stomping bambi.

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