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Quote (carlsonjok @ April 18 2012,09:03)
Well, my setup is a Canon EOS T2i matched to a Tamron DiII 18-270mm travel lens.  I'd like to get something with a little faster continuous shooting (the T2i is only 3.7 fps), but I'm not ready to shell out the greenbacks right now.

This is probably my favorite picture. I realize it is more than a little derivative, but I like it anyways.

ETA: Lake Quanah Parker in the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge.

It's a sweet shot, Carlson. Did you slap any HDR on that, or is that a single shot?

I've been playing a little bit with HDR (Photomatrix Pro on some throw-away landscape shots), but I haven't yet really gotten the hang of it.

I did go out and shoot some dead cypress trees for a PhD candidate in my lab for a poster he did regarding his research on salt-water intrusion, and they came out great on his poster (and I got a photo credit, yay!).

This is an HDR composite and a mosaic of about 9 shots total from that excursion.

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