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Reciprocating Bill

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Quote (Ftk @ Mar. 23 2012,16:40)
The other links seem to be coming from "right wing watch". Are you fer real? I'll read them, but these are the sites *looking* to create insanity....they feed off it.

No dismissal vis POV need apply. Rather, a lengthy recording and transcript of a Santorum talk are posted. Juicy raw data.

His "Satan attacking academia first" rhetoric reflects a form of collective, quasi-delusional, quasi-paranoid* thinking, exactly what you don't want rattling around the head of a U.S. president.

*I qualify these characterizations because I don't think Santorum suffers mental illness. I do think that communities can embark on collectively held lines of pathological perception and interpretation that closely mimic the products of truly disturbed thinking. Santorum and his think-group scare the shit out of me.

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