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Quote (oldmanintheskydidntdoit @ Mar. 23 2012,16:31)
Quote (Ftk @ Mar. 23 2012,15:40)
The other links seem to be coming from "right wing watch". †Are you fer real? †I'll read them, but these are the sites *looking* to create insanity....they feed off it.

All they do, typically, is directly link to the people saying what they have a problem with. Often with video.

You'll notice the majority of each piece consists of direct quotes.

If quoting people in their own words in context is "creating insanity" it's no wonder you have a problem with democracy.

Gingrich: Of course, look you have to understand that the elite media is in the tank for Obama. They are going to do anything that helps re-elect Obama. They are totally committed to Obama. It is just astonishing to me how pro-Obama they are. Do you think you are going to see two pages on Obamaís Muslim friends? Or two pages on the degree to which Obama is consistently apologizing to Islam while attacking the Catholic Church? Do you see anybody in the elite media prepared to say, gee, isnít this kind of odd, that we really worry a lot about the Qur'an and nothing about the Bible?

Again, how does that quote from Gingrich in any way state that he wants to establish a Christian theocracy.

I think you have paranoia issues...seriously.

"Evolution is a creationism and just as illogical [as] the other pantheistic creation myths"  -forastero

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