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Quote (Ftk @ Mar. 23 2012,10:47)
Anyway, I wanted to set ftk straight in case she thought I was on her side in the culture wars or something. :) if.  Not to worry...I'll never consider you "on my side" in regard to the "culture wars".  I've found the cultures wars are much more prominent on line than in the real world.  Hence, I've turned my back on all the Internet arguing bullshit for the most part.  Horrific waste of time unless one is doing it for sport.

Well, that's true. I live in Portland and I don't really know a single fundamentalist. I know of a couple who I encounter at work occasionally but religion around here isn't the kind that you notice. It's more the jesus type christians we have here than the Leviticus christians. Darwin fish and spaghetti monster fish are common enough but you notice the car that has a jesus fish because its been a few days or a week since you saw the last one. Sometimes a little overflow from the crazies presses at the periphery of town and threatens our little paradise, more often in the form of republicans or walmarts than actual christians but I remember when Luis Palau or something did this big revival at the waterfront park and the big long church vans trucked in like thousands of people from the compounds in the hills I guess or somewhere. It was a wild caravan for sure. Ayway, another 10000 people or so came out to see the christians!

Most of them were pretty decent. I don't think there was any violence or anything. I went down for a while. It was a really nice day so I figured I should since it wasn't an everyday thing and all.

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