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FTK, I just read it. What louis did is not what you do. Maybe flounce needs some qualifiers.  

I just discovered that I didn't compose a thoughtful response until the very last page and it was tangential to the OP and posted well after the issue had faded from the front page.

I did the responding elsewhere and sort of felt like it counted as fulfilling my obligation here. I really do owe Louis an apology because I baited him with empty rhetoric and never made a substantive response to him at all. When he, according to the norms of this site, which I too share, demanded I provide substantiation, I simply didn't. I was too busy over at the other place assembling a documentary of sorts and just plain failed.

I pulled an FTK and no one else called me on it. (Well not very many people.) The ones who actually did make an argument sort of legitimized my empty value judgement by using it as a jumping off point. I can understand why that irritated louis. He's a guy that will admit he's wrong but it damn well needs to be clear what he is wrong about.

I didn't even name it. I just barged in and said his beliefs were not just wrong but potentially evil. Nothing specific. If he identified with PZ, he has the right, I think, to be upset. Or at least to expect me to abide by the norms of this forum. Provide an argument at least.

And I guess I really do owe everyone an apology.

In the future, I will refrain from posting in involved threads late at night or on my phone. And I will keep my rants at Talkrational where they don't stand out. And I'm sorry about not responding to louis when I said I would.

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