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Glen Davidson

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(Permalink) Posted: April 16 2012,15:14   

We're into the closing arguments now.  

Otherwise, not much new.  The article states:  "Coppedge was called to a meeting with a supervisor on March 2, 2009, and told to "stop pushing your religion," his attorney William Becker said in his closing argument. The supervisor later claimed he was trying to help Coppedge, but Becker said the statement smacked of religious intolerance."

Oh yes, it's religious intolerance to tell some ranting jerk to shut up about religion to people who don't want to hear it yet can't leave because they're on the job.  If that is indeed what it's about (which it appears to be, but I'm hardly privy to the full range of info), I can see no merit in his whine that he can't proselytize a captive audience.

Glen Davidson


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