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"On one occasion Coppedge went as far as talking with a co-worker about the "Gospel of Jesus Christ." He also testified to sharing a DVD called the "Case for Christ" with a fellow employee at Christmas time."

"But his attorney said he wouldn't go as far as to say Coppedge was evangelizing or trying to win converts.

"It wasn't evangelizing," Becker said of the DVD. "It was a Christmas present."

Lol. After prep, when your attorney is explaining away you answers, you have failed.

All Science! Wonder if that was the employee who wanted a "Holiday Party" instead of a "Xmas Party?" Bring your Jewish or Muslim or Atheist co-worker you're having a disagreement with the "Case for Christ" as a Christmas present? I can't imagine the shitstorm at my work!


"I did research some information about judicial candidates because people didn't know much about the judicial candidates," Coppedge said. "People (at work) found that helpful."

I'm sure this is in the context of Prop-8. Sure your gay and allied co-workers appreciated your research, asshole.

His own fucking lawyers, his headaches and all, are close to establishing a pattern of clueless dumbassedness, if not straight-up harassment. When does cross-x start?


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