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Quote (keiths @ Mar. 19 2012,20:19)
Jeffrey Kluger at
It's been a long time since I graduated law school and was admitted to the bar, and I've surely forgotten more than I remember. But here's one bit of legal street-smarts I've retained: if you're a plaintiff filing a trial brief, you may not want to write it as if it were a screenplay and then admit that you're making stuff up.

Coppedge wrote his legal brief as a screenplay? :O

Heh. I love the "The intelligent design community cannot always pick its poster children." Welllll, I guess not. Just reach up your noses and find another "poster child," Disco Toots! Dig, dig, dig for someone else, because Normal Desmond wrote his screenplay and is ready for his close-up, Mr. DembskiMille! ("Well...if it gets him down the stairs...") :D

What a trainwreck!

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