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Quote (Kristine @ Mar. 16 2012,09:24)
We're going to be celebrating a variation of Kitzmass quite soon, methinks:

[Coppedge] also admits that employees complained to managers about him harassing them by talking about his religious convictions and giving them religious DVDs as gifts.

There's always a Buckingham, isn't there? ;)

Now, contrast this with one of the places where I work: all people of conscience, including atheists and agnostics, are a protected class, and employees are invited to attend panel discussions by other employees about their belief systems (including atheism and agnosticism, as well as Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, etc.). Participation in these discussions is optional, and meant to spread tolerance for diverse points of view. Otherwise, we don't get into it, and I don't care if someone wears a cross on a necklace.

I don't agree with the British system of banishing all religious references from the workplace, but let's face it: the workplace is a place one has to be. Likewise, when a gentleman came up to my reference desk and asked for a book by "a preacher named Joel somebody" I was able to direct him to Joel Osteen's books. I loathe Osteen's message, but it's not my job to say so; it's my job to give the patron the information he/she wants.

So, perhaps instead of making these fly-by-night videos, the Disco Boys could try to cough up some real evidence that would be included in the mainstream books and DVDs that vendors sell to libraries, so that patrons could know about and ask for them instead of the Disco 'Tute needing other Disco minions to hawk these largely unknown works at the workplace? But of course, that's too close to publishing scholarly papers in the Great Darwinian Conspiratorial Hegemony, no? And, of course, that would involve being ethical enough to not use your workplace as a soapbox for your personal beliefs.

But that's not how the religious... I mean... ID proponents disseminate information.

If everyone had to go do their own research about religion... I mean... ID, then no one would probably bother.  And those that did would get the wrong idea because of all the contradictions and lies and utterly useless things in religion... I mean... ID.

So, the message MUST be presented in an evangelical... I mean... educational way.  That's the proper method for disseminating information.  No questions, no comments, no backtalk, just preaching... I mean... lecturing.

That's the way that these people actually think.  They literally can't understand things like learning.  They look stuff up to make arguments (or look for quotemines or things that they can obfuscate or lie about), but not to actually learn.  Their faith... I mean... logical hypotheses just can't stand up to that level of thinking.  And they all know it.  At least the pastors... I mean... ID leadership (many of whom also went to seminary) also know it.

I'm reading a book about how all the seminary schools are teaching the actual history of the bible and yet, these pastors they are churning out never mention it in the pulpit.  They are basically lying to their entire congregation.

Ignored by those who can't provide evidence for their claims.

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