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Quote (Wesley R. Elsberry @ Mar. 06 2012,21:17)
Quote (midwifetoad @ Mar. 06 2012,09:09)
They woulda got away with it if they hadn't bragged before publication. Premature jubilation.

I thought it was Springer's automated marketing apparatus lurching into motion that spoiled their plan.

I suppose asking for an additional paragraph in the contract requiring the publisher to keep quiet about the volume until the copies are actually printed would be a bit suspicious.

I've learned about the book from Dembski's CV on February 27 (in the US it was still the 26th).  
in preparation
Biological Information: New Perspectives (co-edited with Robert J. Marks II, John Sanford, Michael Behe, and Bruce Gordon). Under contract with Springer Verlag.

There's more to come:
Substantially revised 2nd edition of No Free Lunch: Why Specified Complexity Cannot Be Purchased without Intelligence (with Robert J. Marks II as new co-author). Under contract with Rowman & Littlefield.

Christian Darwinism: Why Theistic Evolution Fails as Science and Theology (coauthored with Denyse O’Leary, mounting a fundamental challenge to theistic evolution). Under contract with Broadman & Holman.

Mind Altering: How Culture is Changing Our Brains (co-authored with Baylor neuroscientist Matthew Stanford).

Baylor again, his unrequited love. But how deep can one sink to co-author a book with DO'L. After all who if not Dembski must be aware of her logic and her writings. OTOH, IIRC it was Dembski who hired her for UD.

"[...] the type of information we find in living systems is beyond the creative means of purely material processes [...] Who or what is such an ultimate source of information? [...] from a theistic perspective, such an information source would presumably have to be God."

- William Dembski -

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