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Soapy Sam

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(Permalink) Posted: June 17 2012,05:11   

Quote (Quack @ June 16 2012,06:44)
I have a number of questions I would like to ask of Dr. Jammer.
I don't want to waste time making a number of serious questions before I know that he will respond here. I have doubts.

Weren't you listening? All your questions have all been answered many times by the intellectuals of UD - even the ones you haven't asked yet, that's how far ahead of the game they are. It would be tiresome in the extreme to actually go in and pull them out, or to rephrase them anew for a clearly hostile audience. But it is all in there. Somewhere.

Not our fault you have reading comprehension issues. We have a marvellous, groundbreaking new theory, but there is no point in going through it all again. Reread the posts. All of them.

SoapySam is a pathetic asswiper. Joe G

BTW, when you make little jabs like “I thought basic logic was one thing UDers could handle,” you come off looking especially silly when you turn out to be wrong. - Barry Arrington

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