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Quote (Dr. Jammer @ June 14 2012,03:18)
Quote (OgreMkV @ Feb. 11 2012,10:48)
Jammer, are you an ID expert? áBecause I have some questions that those on UD and Meyer and Dembski and Behe all have utterly failed to answer over the last decade or so.

My guess is that your queries have been answered repeatedly, and that you refuse to accept said answers. That's how it usually goes with you guys.

You "guess"? You don't actually know whether or not the questions OgreMkV referred to have been answered? Hm. If you don't know, then how the heck can you sit there with your face hanging out, in front of God and everybody, and assert "That's how it usually goes with you guys."? I am given to understand that the God of the Bible doesn't much care for liars, deceivers, and false witnesses; indeed, He's supposed to have a lake of fire set up in the afterlife, a lake of fire that's just waiting for liars, deceivers, and false witnesses, a lake of fire in which Ninth-Commandment-breakers will burn for all eternity. Me being an atheist, I don't buy into the whole lake-of-fire dealů but since you Christians do believe in God and Hell and all, shouldn't you guys at least act like you believe it?

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